This Beauty Vlogger Give Tips to Eliminate Acne Overnight

This Beauty Vlogger Give Tips to Eliminate Acne Overnight

After the video how to fade the dark circles of the eyes using turmeric so controversy, now Farrah Dhukhai re-experimenting with natural ingredients for the skin of his face. This time, Farrah uses garlic that is pinned on the face. In the uploaded video on Instagram, the woman who lives in Toronto America is using garlic applied in the acne. In the photo description explained that garlic can get rid of acne overnight. Farrah also showed a video of her acne in the area of ​​her chin. Then he took down the cut white but did not split. Its function is to nutrients from garlic out. After that, rubbed into the acne part.

Women who often dress up a la Kim Kardashian then show the result after being silenced overnight. From the video it appears that acne is missing from his face.

Just try it. This is very useful for deflating pimples and make sure not to get acne back, once fragments of information written Farrah. Will the DIY video be a controversy again? Given in a previous video, a beauty doctor, Dr. Mark Jacquot urged not to use turmeric as an eye care. In the video about the garlic, Farrah had already put a warning for people with sensitive skin. Perform a skin test first. If it stings or you feel uncomfortable, rinse immediately with water, he said. Not just Farrah who uses beauty tricks with garlic. Lupita Nyong’o has also shared similar tips. The best beauty trick my mother dropped off was using garlic over acne to make acne dry quickly, Lupita said. (kik / kik)

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