Too Much Coffee Drinking Pregnant Time for a Very Small Birthborn Baby

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Too Much Coffee Drinking Pregnant Time for a Very Small Birthborn Baby

Jakarta, coffee addiction is difficult to overcome, not except in pregnant women. Although actually according to research, excessive consumption of coffee during pregnancy risk of infant birth with a very low body weight. Risk, the baby grows unhealthy. This summary is based on the results of research on 60 thousand pregnant women in Norway over the period of 10 th .. The study compared how much coffee consumed by some pregnant women with the baby’s body weight at birth. The comparison results show that consuming coffee with the content of caffeine 200-300 mg at risk of causing the baby was born with a small body weight classified. Not only that, consuming too much copper also extend gestational age to 62%. "" Little birth can make the baby a natural developmental problem that can lead to obesity, diabetes and some types of cancer during adulthood, "said Dr Euan Paul of the British Coffee Association as quoted by the Daily Mail on Tuesday (19/2/2013). Somewhat different from previous research, consuming excessive coffee in pregnant women in this study even prolonged the pregnancy time of 8 hours each cup. Although actually based on some research first, consuming coffee can actually cause premature birth. So the description, a cup of instant coffee has an average content of 100 mg to 140 mg of caffeine, while coffee is sold in coffeeshop can have 300 mg caffeine content. In Scandinavian countries, coffee advice for pregnant women is no more than 200 mg. It took note also, the content of caffeine is not just found in coffee. Some other types of beverages such as tea, soft drinks and even chocolate also contain caffeine. Various drinks are sometimes forgotten and not counted the content of caffeine. (up / vta)