Fond of Junk Food, Obama Burn Calories in This Way

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Fond of Junk Food, Obama Burn Calories in This Way

Although living and healthy eating, both Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle have ‘weaknesses’ as well as about food. They both love junk food. When Obama loves burgers, pizza and hot dogs, then the wife confessed weak against fries. In addition to typical American junk food, the 44th US president is also hooked on a spicy Mexican-style snack like guacamole and nachos. Michelle also once admitted if his two daughters, Sasha and Malia ‘can eat burgers, fries, pies, cookies, ice cream every day if they want ‘. But given Michelle is a bit fussy about the diet, the children also limit his fondness to eat a burger or hot dog just for a particular occasion saja.Kendati so, Obama offset his fondness by consuming a variety of vegetables. Even when ordering pizza at one of his favorite Italian restaurants, he always asks for pizza with vegetable toppings. In my family, the vegetables are cooked by boiling. What is certain if you are used to eating vegetables, you have established good habits that will be useful for your lifetime, he said in an occasion and quoted from the Telegraph.Read also: 6 Secrets of Diet and Sports for Body Fit Ala Michelle ObamaOn the other hand, Men’s Health magazine once wrote that while still serving as president, Obama always took time to exercise in the middle of busy. He is rumored to have a habit of waking up at 07.00 am to exercise, plus there is a gym facility in the White House. In a day, Obama usually spend time to exercise for 45 minutes. The type of exercise chosen is a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Excerpted from WebMD, Obama performs cardiovascular exercise with a treadmill or elliptical machine for 15 minutes. He gives a two-day portion for cardio exercise, and the remaining four days for strength or strength training.See also: Doyan Culinary, One of the Healthy Keys of Obama? In the middle of junk food, Obama also compensate by snacking on fruits and nuts. Quoted from The Daily Meal, while occupying his position as the 44th US president, Obama always preparing a bowl of apples on his desk. While on the way or while visiting, Obama is often accompanied by various types of nuts such as almonds, pistachios, Planters trail mix ( a mixture of nuts, M & M chocolate, raisins and almonds) and protein bars to drown out the cravings. According to former bodyguard Reggie Love in an interview, Obama likes to eat macadamia nuts wrapped in chocolate. No wonder if this bean is also always available at the White House. Read also: Obama Doyan Spicy Food, This List of Impact for the Body (lll / mrs)

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